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ugly partners and more

How in the world do these unattractive people find hot partners? I guess they have lovely personalities. I don't know. That's food for thought for today. It's depressing in a way- but also, gives hope to the unattractive people.  There is someone for everyone!

Why did I eat that breadstick?  UGH!  Now I can't have dinner. It wasn't even delish.

I'm supposed to write in my journal every day. I think I'll write here instead since it's quicker.  I think starving is so much more effective to reconnect to my feelings ;)
Ugh- back to work and didn't someone bring donut holes? I just scarfed down a couple. Deep fried evil, but delish. Only thing better would have been sprinkles. I should just eat sprinkles. All day. How many calories could be in sprinkles?

Can't believe the Eagles traded McNabb? I don't normally care about the Eagles- but I like his soup commercials. I will miss those commericals. Flyers won yesterday :(

Apr. 1st, 2010

I told myself I'd post more..so here's another one.

What kind of fuckery is this.......I can't believe Cesc has a broken leg. Arsenal- why are you doing this to me?  Oh- if only I had that much cosmic power. But really..?? A broken leg??  

Plus, I have to go to the bathroom- where is everyone? As soon as I leave this desk- that phone will ring off the hook. Ugh- is it Friday yet? Oh wait!! I have Friday off ................Holla!!!

I'm slow

Why can't I keep this updated? I swear- it's not like I'm not on here everyday to read ONTDfootball. I wish I could get real twinkling stars around my eyes. I think that would be fun.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

Here are some resolutions..
gym 5x's week
be more friendly
stop spending- start saving
update my lj
Christmas shopping- yep- I'm doing it. I'm almost done my whole list!!! Gosh that sounds sick since it's not even Halloween.

Yay! I'm gonna post something

I'll just rant.....I'm so excited that the Pens won last night :) Like a fool I stayed up but I'm going to suffer for it today. I'm so tired and unmotivated. I've got a desk full of things to do though. But at least I get to do them knowing that the Pens will play again this season. Poor Petr Sykora.



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